Open Trip Terms & Conditions

  • Registration is done by contacting our contact person at 0812-9902-0480 (Call / SMS / Whatsapp). Or you can book directly online on our website (easier, safer and reliable).

  • Participants are considered to be fixed if they have made a down payment (DP) in the amount listed in the Down Payment column (please make payment within 1×24 hours after registration). Haraduta Wisata will prioritize participants who have already paid.

  • We do not accept bookings without a DP in advance.

  • The repayment fee is done when the participant has arrived at the meeting point.

  • Payment via transfer is only sent to the account number below, Unless there is prior confirmation from Haraduta Wisata with the official contact of Haraduta Wisata:
    Bank Central Asia (BCA)
    No. Rek. 6830290352

  • After making payment via transfer, please confirm via the system or via SMS / Whatsapp in the format:

    – Transaction ID: ……
    – Confirm Total Transfer: ……
    – Bank name : ….
    – A / n Rek. Sender: ….
    – Number & Name of Participants: ……
    – Participant Gender: ……..
    – For Payments (Trip dates): …
    – Payment type (cash transfer / deposit): …..


  • Example :

    Transaction ID: 1503901882270648408

    – Confirm Total Transfer: Rp.799,000.00

    – Bank name: BCA

    – A / n Rek. Sender: Ifanobi Kiyoshi

    – Number & Name of Participants: 3 People (Ifanobi, Sakhanova, Sarahnova)

    – Gender of Participants: Ifanobi (l) Sakhanova (l) Sarahnova (p)

    – For Payment (Trip date): DP Harapan Trip Open Island 7 – 8 October 2017

    – Payment Type (cash transfer / deposit): transfer


  • Payment can be made by coming directly to our address or via transfer.

  • If the transfer of DP or full payment has been made and is canceled unilaterally by the registrant, then there is no refund. Except for replacing participants from registrants who cancel it unilaterally themselves.

  • If the transfer of DP payments has been canceled unilaterally by the registrant on D-day, the registrant is required to pay 100% of the total trip price.

  • If a Force Majeure occurs which results in a delayed or canceled trip, it will be resolved by consensus.

  • Haraduta Wisata is responsible for all payments made by participants if there is a unilateral cancellation from Haraduta Wisata (outside Force Majeure) then the participant’s money will be returned 100%.

  • If the participant does not reach the target (less participants) then Haraduta Wisata will give you a choice: move to a destination that is sure to leave, increase costs with the existing quota amount, be combined with other travel, or refund 100% down payment.

  • For a refund of force majeure / less quota, a maximum of 7 working days will be made after the force majeure / less quota is declared.

  • Each participant is required to bring an identity card. If the participant is under the age of 12, please be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

  • Open trip price that has been set only applies to Indonesian Citizens (WNI), Open Trip Prices that have been determined for Foreign Citizens (foreigners) to 2x the trip price that has been set.

  • Participants are not allowed to bring alcoholic drinks, illegal drugs, sharp weapons, pets or anything that can interfere with the smooth running of the event.

  • If the participant has a special illness, please confirm with Haraduta Wisata.

  • Defamation through various media by irresponsible parties, we will act on the authorities.

  • Haraduta Wisata is not responsible for lost and damaged goods due to participant negligence.

  • Haraduta Wisata is not responsible for any event caused by participants’ non-compliance with the above terms and conditions.

  • If the quota is full then the trip will be closed without notice from Haraduta Wisata.

  • The target audience can change at any time if there are many requests from potential participants, and we will raise the target participants according to our conditions.

  • For the convenience of participants the placement of meeting points can change at any time, but for changes in meeting points will not be far from the placement of the first meeting point if there are activities such as congestion, community rebellion, blockade, and government policy.

  • Prices listed on an open trip cannot be compared to the price of a private trip / company tour / family tour / gathering vompany / study tour, and the price of a private trip or the like, we will re-specify it according to the number of participants / clients.

  • For open trips, participants who are late will be left in accordance with voting from other participants who have gathered.
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